Creating Wealth

Big Bad Radio/Stay Talking Ish

Philadelphia, PA  04/2018

"TJ"  and Jay Morrison Battle It Out At The Black Friday 2 Panel Discussion

2nd Annual Black Power Awards

Atlanta, GA 2017

The Front Page 102.3 KJLH Radio


2nd Annual BP Awards

Atlanta, GA 11/17

"TJ" Mentors the Youth At 

Menformation Part 2     03/2017

Carson Black Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion 


Black College Expo 

Los Angeles, CA  02/2017

Education Is Changing Discussion


Dr. Sebi's Endorsement for "TJ"

& Leimert Park Discussion  10/18/14 

Washington, D.C. with Irritated Genie, David Banner, and "TJ" at the Straight Black Pride Conference 2016

"TJ" Talks About the Trades at IBNX Radio Atlanta, GA 02/2018

4th Annual African Global Economic Conference  03/2017

Black Friday 2 Panel Discussion At The Black Power Awards Atlanta, GA 2017

"TJ" Discusses Low Riding And

The Auto Industry 02/2017

Interview with "TJ" on KPFK Talk Radio

90.7 01/2017 

The #ZoWhat Morning Show with "TJ" and The Philosopher, The Comedian, and The Doctor  10/17/16

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